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Samsung to launch Galaxy S4 Advanced with faster LTE

The device will ship internationally, but due to network constraints in the U.S., it won't be coming here for the time being.

CBS Interactive

Samsung is ready to launch a new Galaxy S4 that will be capable of connecting to the Internet through the LTE-Advanced 4G technology.

Speaking to Reuters in an interview published Monday, Samsung Electronics CEO J.K. Shin said that his company will launch a Galaxy S4 Advanced device designed to connect to the next generation of 4G LTE networks, dubbed LTE-Advanced. According to Shin, while a movie download might take three minutes on a current LTE connection, it would take a little over one minute on LTE-Advanced.

The Galaxy S4 Advanced's chip will be made by Qualcomm, Shin told Reuters. The company plans to launch the device, which will be the first commercial product to actually connect to LTE-Advanced, as early as this month in South Korea.

If all goes well with the Galaxy S4 Advanced, Samsung will likely launch it internationally in markets where the service is available. That means U.S. customers are out -- the only LTE available now in the States is the older, slower version.

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