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Samsung to depose Ive, other Apple designers

The gadget maker plans to depose Apple SVP Jonathan Ive alongside several others involved with designing Apple products ahead of next year's trial between the two companies.

Samsung, Apple logos.

Samsung plans to despose several of Apple's designers, including its senior vice president of industrial design as part of the legal battle between the two companies.

In a court filing, picked up on by blog EdibleApple today, Apple's design SVP Jonathan Ive and three others are listed as being unable to be deposed by November 1 as part of Apple and Samsung's legal battle in the U.S., which goes to trial in July 2012.

Ive, who has been at Apple since 1992, is being deposed along with Douglas Satzger, Shin Nishibori, and Christopher Stringer. Out of that bunch, Satzger no longer works at Apple, having left to work for Palm in early 2009.

All four were unavailable for deposition by November 1, which led to an extension. As the court filing notes, the men had various conflicts:

Mr. Satzger is a former Apple employee represented by separate counsel. He is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 because, during the month of October, his lawyer has a full deposition schedule in a separate class action matter.

Mr. Nishibori is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 because he currently is on a voluntary leave of absence from Apple.

Mr. Ive is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 for personal reasons.

Mr. Stringer is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 because of work and scheduling conflicts.

The trial, which is slated to take place July 30, 2012, covers Apple's first federal lawsuit against Samsung. Apple originally asked for the trial to begin in February of next year, which Samsung opposed.

The dispute between the two companies kicked off with a U.S. lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung in April that said the South Korean electronics company was violating its intellectual property in the design of its mobile devices, specifically the Galaxy series smartphones and tablets. Samsung later countersued against Apple, saying the company was infringing on multiple patents.

That Ive and other designers would be involved in the proceedings is not unusual, given that much of the spat between the two companies revolves around design, with Apple accusing Samsung of "slavish" copying its products.