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Samsung to announce Galaxy Note 10.1 at MWC?

Two separate leaks point to Samsung preparing to launch a 10.1-inch version of the recently released Galaxy Note handset, including its stylus input and apps in the larger format.

While the pundits debate whether Samsung's Galaxy Note is a phone or a tablet, the Korean tech juggernaut looks set to mashup the two popular categories with a large-screen Galaxy Note 10.1 announcement at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this month.

(Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET)

A casting call for a new advertisement explicitly refers to the unannounced product, describing a "teen student" who takes photos and edits them using his "Galaxy Note 10.1". The website where this casting call appeared has since been taken down, but is still available via the Google cache of the original page.

If that leak wasn't convincing in and of itself, Samsung slipped up again in an invitation to developers to attend a seminar on the S Pen SDK — a software-development kit to be used to create third-party apps that take advantage of the included stylus with the current Galaxy Note. Again, the invitation clearly name drops the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Whether adding a stylus to the Galaxy Tab range is the shake up the industry needs is yet to be seen, although Samsung isn't the first to include a digitiser with a touchscreen tablet. In 2011, Lenovo and HTC both included stylus drawing tools with tablets, neither of which were perceived as strong contenders for Apple's iPad dominance. The Samsung's Galaxy Tab is seen as the iPad's biggest competition, though, and a stylus — plus third-party apps — could prove to be a valuable point of difference if the specs of the Note 10.1 and the upcoming iPad 3 are similar in all other respects.