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Samsung's The Frame TV gets $400 price cut for Mother's Day

Instead of flowers, get her a $1600 television that looks like wall art.


Samsung's The Frame is a TV that looks like wall art.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Chances are, your mom's the kind of discerning lady who'd rather have a beautiful piece of art on her wall than a big black rectangle. The question is: Are you generous enough to make it happen for her?

Samsung aims to make that awesome mom TV gift a bit easier to swallow by taking $400 off the regular price of The Frame, a TV that literally looks like wall art.

It's available in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes with sale prices of $1600 and $2400 respectively at

The "TV" has a bezel that looks like a picture frame and displays images from its extensive internal art library. Instead of turning off like a normal TV, leaving a blank black rectangle on the wall, The Frame is designed to always show its picture when someone is in the room.

For Mother's Day Samsung says it added "several on-theme pieces from London's Victoria & Albert Museum" to the TV's art store, which features more than 600 works of art. And yes, mom can also choose to display her own photos on the TV too.

Different frame bezels, in walnut, oak, matte black and white, cost $200 and $250 respectively for the two sizes, and when you buy the TV you can get an extra bezel at half price. Samsung isn't discounting the 43-inch size, however, which remains at $1300.

The sale ends May 12. 

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