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Samsung's The Frame 2018 gets voice control, phone-controlled login

Samsung improves the experience of using its experiential TV.


You remember The Frame, don't you? It's Samsung's "lifestyle" TV designed to class up your living room by looking like wall art when it's not in use. Samsung has delivered unto us a new model, The Frame 2018, with interface updates to streamline your experience, but based on the same TV specs (such as those of the MU8000 series). So don't feel bad if you shelled out $1,600-plus for the older model.

The old model's price dropped in May, probably to make room for its successor. The 2018 model is available now online and ships this month in 55- ($2,000) and $65-inch ($2,800) sizes. Samsung tells us that it will be available in a 75-inch version later this year.

It does get a design update with its One Invisible Connection, its single cable for power and data that's designed to blend into the background, which we also saw in the Q7 series

Streamlined capabilities include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for transferring Wi-Fi and Samsung account details for login from your phone
  • Samsung Smart Hub for personalizing content and navigating multiple streaming services, consoles and broadcast TV
  • Bixby support for TV voice control as well as devices compatible with Samsung's SmartThings platform
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