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Samsung teases possibility of a new tablet

A "Galaxy Premiere" invitation sent to the media offers no details but gives a hint of what to expect with the phrase: "Tab Into Color."

Screenshot by Roger Cheng/CNET

Samsung has yet another device up its sleeve.

The company sent out invitations to the media to its "Samsung Galaxy Premiere" event, set for June 12 in New York.

While the invitation offers scant detail, the tagline "Tab Into Color" suggests a new version of its Galaxy Tab line of tablets.

Samsung has been eager to press its momentum in the tablet business with a plethora of sizes and models as Apple has begun to see a deceleration in sales of its iPad.

Samsung's tablets, however, still haven't reached the heights of success that its smartphones have. On Wednesday, Samsung told The Wall Street Journal that it had sold more than 11 million units of its Galaxy S5 flagship phone since its April launch, outpacing the previous version.

CNET will be at the June 12 event, so be sure to check back in next month.