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Samsung teases a foldable phone with a warped logo

Could this be a sign that the bendy phone we've been waiting for is on the way?


Samsung's foldy logo on Twitter.


Gearing up for its developer's conference on Nov. 7, Samsung teased a foldable phone reveal with a folded version of its logo on couple of its social media accounts.

The appearance of the bendy logo on the Samsung Mobile Twitter and Facebook pages follows recent rumors the company is planning to finally go public with the long hinted-at device. Samsung has previously said the folding phone will use a foldable screen, not just a display hinge. 

At this week's conference, we may also hear more about the Galaxy Home. Samsung announced the smart speaker with great fanfare at its Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event in August, but we still know little about.

But see for yourself -- follow the livestream right here or on Samsung's YouTube channel starting at 10 a.m PT on Wednesday.