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Samsung tarts up LCD monitors

They're not OLED-thin, but they did get a makeover.


Samsung may eventually put its monitors on a crash diet but, for the moment, it's dressing up the ones it has now in an effort to attract potential suitors.

The Korean company is debuting its "Touch of Color" line of desktop LCDs, which it describes in terms usually reserved for fashion reviews. Looking "more like a beautiful piece of art than a monitor," it gushes, they feature "a deep ruby red infusion that complements its piano-black, glossy finish." (Note to Samsung: If you're touting appearances, please provide better photos.)

Not totally superficial, these LCDs feature multi-screen modes, low power consumption, and contrast ratios of up to 20,000:1. They come in sizes from 19 to 26 inches at prices ranging from $259 to $599. Be nice to them, because they're already at risk of developing an inferiority complex.