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Samsung T259 review: Basic, but good

The Samsung T259 is a commendable flip phone that gets the basics right.

What use are the basics if you can't get 'em right? It never ceases to astound us when simple candy bar and flip phones--their one job being to make calls and send text messages--botch call quality or offer up a cramped dial pad or keyboard for composing messages.

The Samsung T259 is thankfully one of its breed that does live up to expectations, as modest as they might be. It offers clear and loud call quality on both regular calls and speakerphone. Its dial pad is generous and easy to use. The few extras--like a music player and e-mail--are intuitive enough, and the microSD card slot is easy to access.

The handset isn't without its drawbacks--we tackle those in the review--but they're peccadilloes, and not grievous enough for us to shoo you away. The T259 may not be a flashy or exciting phone, but these days competence is its own reward, and the T259 scores high in its category.