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Samsung super successful as HTC profits plunge

Samsung is expected to report a huge jump in profits for the last quarter of 2011, while its Android rival HTC is floundering.

Samsung is expecting to report a massive 73 per cent jump in profits for the last quarter of 2011, thanks largely to record smart phone sales, the BBC reports.

The South Korean tech monster reckons it racked up operating profits of £2.9bn in the last three months of last year, spurred on by the success of devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S2. It will release its official results later in January.

While it's all champagne corks and "No you the man!" over at Samsung HQ, rival phone-maker HTC has reported its profits have plunged 25 per cent in that same period, with sales falling 20.3 per cent from the same time the previous year.

It's not all bad news for HTC, as net profits for the whole of last year were 57 per cent higher than they had been before, but the results for the last chapter of 2011 speak volumes about which company is succeeding when it comes to forging desirable devices.

While HTC crafted a few corkers in 2011 like the HTC Sensation XE, other efforts such as the Sensation XL and HTC Rhyme proved less inspiring. Samsung's gorgeous Galaxy S2 blew us away however, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- the first phone to arrive sporting Android Ice Cream Sandwich -- was another success.

Our reviews all have 'I own it', 'I want it' and 'Not for me' buttons that let us track the popularity of individual gadgets. Using those numbers we can see Samsung has had a smashing year when it comes to making desirable smart phones, at the expense of HTC, which ruled the roost back in 2010 with kit such as the HTC Legend and Desire.

HTC is expected to launch at least one quad-core mobile in February, while Samsung will be prepping the Samsung Galaxy S3. You don't need us to tell you that the stakes are high.

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