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Samsung starts mass production of 256GB SSDs

New SSDs in mass quantities could actually make them attractive for those of us who aren't super-rich.


The main things keeping solid-state drives out of the mainstream are their high costs and low capacities. Currently, 128GB SSDs sell for around $400, far more expensive than comparable traditional mechanical drives while still holding less data.

Samsung's aiming to fix that with its new 256GB SSD, which it's just put into mass production. The storage size is close to being on par with current laptop hard drives, and by producing them in mass quantities it should be able to bring the price down dramatically. Currently, Axiom 256GB SSDs can go for as much as $7,500, really not giving enough value to the average user.

No word on Samsung's target pricing at launch, but when you consider its 128GB SSDs go for about $550 to $800 you can guess these will come in at a more attainable price point, we'd guess around the $1,000 to $1,400 mark. Still not as cheap as traditional laptop drives, but a large step in that direction.