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Samsung spoiler 'proves' its Illusion real

A Flickr image that's since been made private has apparently revealed a few things about Verizon's Samsung Illusion running Android.

Samsung Illusion

There were whispers about the upcoming Samsung Illusion for Verizon, but a slip-up last week demonstrates that the phone is most definitely real, according to Electronista.

Apparently, it was an ill-timed Flickr image that cut through Samsung and Verizon's customary smoke and mirrors to reveal an image of an Android handset for Verizon, and confirmation that this is in fact the speculated-about SCH-I110.

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The Illusion, also once known as the Viper, is expected to arrive on September 29, running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It's also said to have an HVGA touch screen (320x480-pixel resolution), a 3-megapixel or 5-megapixel camera, processing speeds of up to a 1GHz (but maybe as low as 800MHz,) and 3G data speeds.

Although the original Flickr image in question has since been made private, Electronista grabbed the screenshot pictured here. In addition to that, the photo's URL still names the collection "Samsung tomorrow."

Sorry, Samsung, but it seems that no sleight of hand can shove the rabbit back into the hat.