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Samsung shows off zippy new phone standard

Who needs another wireless standard? You do, bud!

Michael Kanellos/CNET Networks

Samsung showed off phones for the coming HSUPA (that's High Speed Uplink Packet Access) standard at the ITU Telecom show in Hong Kong this week, paving the way for universal understanding between nations and fast video downloads.

HSUPA will deliver downlink speeds of 14.4 megabits per second, but a 5.76 megabit uplink. That means uploading five MP3 songs will only take about a minute. By contrast, the same procedure takes about five minutes on the WCDMA standard.

Samsung is one of the more aggressive cellular companies and for the past few years has tried to leapfrog past Motorola to be the number two provider. The picture here shows the the first Samsung mobile phone along with a more modern version.

Thanks to Hyo-Jeoung Kim of ZDNet Korea for sending this over.