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Samsung shows Apple how to open a store (well, maybe)

A video showing the opening of a Samsung store in Brazil has music and dancing -- maybe too much dancing.

Brave souls. Henrique Oliveira/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I am always for exuberance.

If you sneer at the joy of living being expressed through dance, then you need to examine your priorities. Unless, of course, you're inadvertently watching the launch ads for Microsoft's Surface.

When Samsung, the world's largest smartphone maker, opened a store on Friday in Campos Dos Goytacazes, Rio De Janeiro state, Brazil, the employees thought a dance routine would be a fine idea.

As anyone who's watched "So You Think You Can Dance" knows, not all dance routines work.

I would, therefore, ask you to be the judges of this obviously well-intentioned affair.

It begins with "The Final Countdown." It ends with, perhaps, several viewers counting down the seconds till it finally stops. Not every Brazilian is, it seems, a dancer.

Some might suggest that smartphone rival Apple created the concept of unseemly, noisy hype to herald its arrival in malls and town squares. My own recollection of Apple store openings is of a baying, blue-shirted mob expressing frenzy, but not necessarily square dancing.

Indeed, Apple seems to favor the arrival of its new employees to be like that of the 7th Cavalry, rather than that of One Dimension.

Still, the spectators in this particular mall -- who may well have consisted of family members and their friends -- seemed to love the Samsung employees' performance.

Perhaps, to them, it symbolized the next big thing.