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Samsung SGH-T509: Fight for the thin king title

The SGH-T509 is Samsung's answer to Motorola's Slvr L6. Our US colleague Kent German describes the ins and outs of this petite handset

Crave's American colleague Kent German has just reviewed the Samsung SGH-T509, which was announced at the beginning of the month and is a similar size and weight to the Motorola Slvr L6. But can this South Korean slim contender defeat the American lightweight in its own backyard?

German describes the 10mm thick T509 as a delicate phone that doesn't feel like it can take too many hits. In the opposite corner, the 11mm Slvr L6 feels sturdier and is built to last. However, the T509 is also lighter and manages to duck and weave around L6's heavy punches, making round one a controversial draw.

The T509 comes into round two looking positive and shows off its 256K colour screen, dazzling the Slvr L6's inadequate 65k colour screen and winning round two hands down.

The early part of round three is dominated by the T509 as it displays its spacious keys and easy interface, but after a few minutes the phones level up in terms of specs, both featuring Bluetooth and speakerphone. Suddenly the L6 starts to fade as its 10MB of internal memory is quickly used up, while the 70MB of internal memory in the T509 is barely dented.

By round 12 the T509 is well ahead, especially since it supports EDGE and GPRS. The variable audio quality makes it stagger briefly, but isn't enough to put it on the ropes, and the T509 takes the match on points.

We'd love to see a rematch over here, but Samsung can't confirm when -- or even if -- it will be producing a UK version of the T509. However, there's always the SGH-P300 if you're itching for a thin mobile fix. -AL