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Samsung sets its Galaxy Note 7 launch for August 2 in New York

The invitations are in! Samsung's S Pen-centered phone is about to get a remake, and we'll be there to cover all the action.

Galaxy Note 7

No more guessing! Samsung has now announced its announcement for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which will take place on August 2 in New York, at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. The invite (above) also specifies that the event will stream live on Samsung's site.

With its invitation, Samsung has also slyly confirmed that this year's edition of the large-screen phone with the S Pen stylus is skipping version 6 to jump right into version 7. You can tell by the blue "7" in front of the words "Unpacked 2016", and the lone white S Pen, the 7th, in a ring of blue S Pens (I counted 16 of them in all).

Rumors about the Note 7 have been piling up. Samsung will save the juicy details for the big unveiling in New York, but until then, we're expecting to see a 5.7-inch screen with curved sides and an iris-scanner for unlocking the phone with a look. A USB-C port, 12-megapixel camera and coral blue color option are also high on the list of probable features.

I'll be in New York on August 2 to bring you the live news from the event! Until then, read all about the specs and features we suspect will come to the Galaxy Note 7 here.

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