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Samsung Series 9 skinny laptop on sale Saturday

Samsung's new Series 9 ultrabook will be on sale from Saturday, 25 February. Read up on it here.

Samsung's Series 9 laptop will debut in the UK on Saturday, available to buy from floggers of fancy furniture, John Lewis.

The company confirmed to us that the super-skinny laptop would be on sale in our green and pleasant land on 25 February, with other retailers including Amazon and DSG retail (which more than likely means PC World, Currys and Dixons) selling the Series 9 later this year.

I've already had my paws all over the Series 9, which sports an alarmingly thin and light chassis, and a MacBook Air-style wedge design if you peek at it from the side.

It's very nimble indeed. Samsung reckons the 13-inch model is 12.9mm thick, while the 15-inch option clocks in at 14.9mm. The 13 and 15-inch options weigh 1.16kg and 1.59kg respectively.

Samsung's avoided calling the Series 9 an ultrabook, though that's basically what it is. This skinny machine is actually the company's second stab at making a super-thin luxury laptop.

The first Series 9 scored a flawless five stars when we reviewed it in April last year, but I'm excited to see whether the aluminium finish that Samsung's sticking on the sequel makes the Series 9 more or less appealing.

The first Series 9 was a real fingerprint magnet -- something Samsung thinks it's solved by sand-blasting this iteration. There's an Intel Core-i5 processor on the inside and a 128GB SSD drive, though the compromise you make with the size is that there's no Ethernet port or optical drive.

John Lewis told us that it would be selling the 13-inch Series 9 for £1,199, so best start saving now. It'll be selling the 15-inch model at a later date.

Would you splash your cash on this pricey laptop? Or would you rather lay claim to a MacBook Air? Tell me in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall. If you want to see the Series 9 up close before making up your mind, here's a hands-on video.