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Samsung S9110 watch phone lets our wrists do the talking

The Samsung S9110 watch phone is coming to France next month, and we're filling a van full of Euros and heading over the channel to get our hands on it

Forget gigantic smart phones, we're craving the watch phones. But choice is limited -- besides some dodgy tat you can get online, there's only the LG GD910 to watch out for. Watch out for! That's gold, right there.

Anyway, we're thrilled that Samsung is filling out the wrist-candy niche with the S9110. It's coming out in France this month for around €450 (£390). Those lucky grenouilles -- there's no news as to when, or if, the S9110 will be available in the UK.

The 12mm-thick phone will have a 45mm (1.8-inch) touchscreen. It'll be a dual-band GPRS phone with a music player and Exchange email support.

Necessarily for a phone that's only 58mm by 41mm, it'll support voice calling and Bluetooth 2.1, and it'll weigh down your high-fives by 91g.

Samsung points out that it rocked the first ever watch phone, the SPH-WP10 (right), in 1999, so we say the S9110 is long overdue.