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Samsung S2 'Pebble' sounds familiar

Samsung releases super simple S2 Pebble to compete with the iPod Shuffle.

Today, Samsung announced two new MP3 players, including a Zen Stone-like model dubbed the S2 Pebble. (Weird...why do I picture a cell phone in my head?) Doppelganger aside, the Pebble is about the most unphonelike music player you'll come across. The super simple device measures only about 2 inches across and offers no display for navigation. Instead, an LED built into the bottom edge of the device glows and flashes various colors and patterns based on the current EQ settings and playback mode, although goodness knows how you might easily adjust those in the first place with no screen.

Can you find the MP3 players? Samsung

Considering its screenless design, the S2 offers a reasonable amount of features. It comes in five shiny colors--black, white, red, green and purple--all reminiscent of a highly polished stone. MP3, WMA and OGG file formats are supported, as well as shuffle and repeat playback modes and DNSe 2.0 audio enhancements. A five-way tactile control pad on the back face of the device handles all navigation. Of course, the biggest news is that this 1GB player is super competitively priced at just $39. If that sounds appealing to you, keep an eye out in June, which is when the Pebble is due to hit shelves.


Is it just me, or do these look eerily familiar?