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Samsung, Rogen, Rudd brilliantly mock Super Bowl in Super Bowl ad

Having got after Apple and BlackBerry, Samsung now mocks the ridiculous trademark rules over Super Bowl advertising. With the help of Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

The what bowl? Samsung Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's not that the NFL is run by draconian white men in suits who try to prevent you from uttering the word "Super Bowl" in an ad unless you pay them vast amounts of money.

Well, actually, that's how it sometimes seems.

So Samsung has decided to take the rise out of the trademark trickeration that rises out of Super Game ads every year.

In an ad that teases its forthcoming Super Contest spot, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are attempting to get around their inability to make an ad that features phrases like "Super Bowl" and "San Francisco 49ers."

Fans of the San Francisco 50 Minus 1-ers and the Baltimore Blackbirds will especially enjoy this taster of how Samsung intends to attract attention for its, um, galaxy of products.

As Mr. Show's Bob Odenkirk attempts to guide Rogen and Rudd through the things they can and can't say in the ultimate ad, you have to admire how the NFL has joined Apple and BlackBerry on the list of entities that Samsung regards as mockable.

It will be fascinating to see if BlackBerry's promised Super Sunday spot for its Z10 can possibly match Samsung's poise, class and humor.