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Samsung revs up its Seoul machine for CommunicAsia

Samsung introduces a gallery of new cell phones at the start of the CommuniAsia show in Singapore.

Samsung Impact Samsung

Having sold 161 million handsets worldwide last year, the Korean phone maker certainly has its sights set on consolidating its number two position with a strong lineup of handsets for the second half of 2008. Among the new handsets showcased at CommunicAsia this year are the recently announced Omnia (or i900) PDA-phone, a candy-bar version of the Soul slider called Soulb, as well as the new bar-type L700 handset.

Samsung has also added two new entries to its Connected phone series, the 3G-enabled J800 slider and entry-level M150 candybar, and beefed up its Essential category lineup with the Samsung Impact, Impactsf and Impactb. (Samsung currently splits its phone offerings into six different categories: Style, Multimedia, Connected, Essential, Infotainment and Business. The Omnia is under the Infotainment series, while the Soulb and L700 fall under Style.)

The new mobiles are expected to launch in selected markets across Asia over the next few months. The Korean chaebol will also be demonstrating its latest Mobile WiMAX technologies, including the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) over the Mobile WiMAX service.