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Samsung reveals soothing ringtone for Galaxy S9

Commentary: You haven't seen the phone, but you can listen to what its default ringtone sounds like right now.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Bathe in its gentle touches.

Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You might currently be pulsating in an unseemly manner.

You're desperate to get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S9 -- to be revealed on February 25 -- and touch its delicate perfection. 

Well, you hope it'll be perfect.

What can you do to be at one with it in these intervening days? Look at hundreds of (possibly fake) renders of the real thing, of course.

I, though, would like you to soak in the large musical bath that is the ringtone specially created by Samsung for the new phone.

Each year, Samsung creates a new arrangement of its classic -- to some -- "Over the Horizon."

This year, the feeling is one of symphonic soothing, as if your back is being soaped by a dozen back-soaping experts from distant forests. 

The Korean company partnered with Icelandic composer Pétur Jónsson to create this sumptuous oeuvre.

This is, Samsung says, "a minimalist arrangement that takes listeners on an atmospheric journey of discovery."

We could all surely do with one of those these days.

Everyone will have their own version of what they discover as they listen to these new mellifluous tones.

This new version is, though, a marked contrast to last year's arrangement, made far more frenetic in the hands of Grammy Award-winner Jacob Collier.

This new joy wouldn't be out of place in "Downton Abbey" or some other superior soap opera.

It's a balm for our barmy times, in which loud noises predominate over ancient essences such as thought and empathy. 

Some, though, might wonder what it will say about the phone.

Has Samsung created its most sophisticated phone yet? Will it enjoy subtle wonders that haven't yet emerged into the harsh light of the rumor mill? 

Will it be so sophisticated that Samsung will still be able to mock Apple for its (alleged) lateness to every phone party?

On the 25th, my colleagues will be at Mobile World Congress to offer you each movement of Samsung's new creation.