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Samsung reveals Black Friday camera deals

If a camera with Wi-Fi is in your future, there are some deals here worth considering.

Samsung's WB850F smart camera is loaded with shooting options, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Samsung still doesn't have much of a name when it comes to cameras, but it's managed to compete with other manufacturers with one feature: Wi-Fi.

For that reason, people shopping this holiday season for a camera for someone who is addicted to shooting and sharing should check out these Black Friday deals.

Anything that's branded as a Smart camera will have Samsung's built-in 802.11n wireless, which can be used to connect to your Wi-Fi network for automatic backups to a Windows computer or Microsoft SkyDrive, viewing photos and movie clips on DLNA-equipped devices, or sending them by e-mail; to connect to other Samsung Wi-Fi cameras for direct sharing between cameras; to connect to hot spots or wirelessly tether to a smartphone for direct uploading to Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, and Photobucket; and to connect directly to an Android or iOS device.

That last option can be used to send photos to your phone for viewing or uploading to sharing sites, but it will also allow you to control the camera remotely. (Samsung guarantees these features to work only on Samsung Galaxy devices, but I was able to use them on other Android devices as well as an Apple iPad.)

If you're looking for a point-and-shoot, consider the 21x zoom WB850F at $300, which has a lot of shooting options including full manual and semimanual control over shutter speed and aperture as well as several geared toward smartphone users who expect more than just a selection of basic auto and scene modes.

There are a couple other point-and-shoots worth considering, but I would stay away from anything using a CCD sensor.

Those after a more powerful camera with interchangeable lenses and excellent raw photos for less than $1,000 should look at the NX210. It's $300 off, dropping the price to $599.99, and features a 20-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and an 18-55mm lens.