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Samsung Renown reviewed

The Samsung Renown has solid call and photo quality and it offers Verizon customers true world phone support.

The Samsung Renown offers 3G James Martin/CNET Networks

After three touch-screen phones in a row, it's nice to see a Samsung phone that doesn't try to hard to make a statement.

The new Samsung Renown (aka the SCH-U810) for Verizon Wireless is one such device; it has a standard flip-phone design that Samsung has become...wait for it...renowned for and its midrange feature set is what you'd expect from a Verizon 3G phone.

The chocolate color scheme is unique, and the Renown features dual-mode CDMA/GSM support, but ultimately, there's not much to distinguish the Renown from other phones in its class. Performance was mixed with good call and photo quality but poor streaming videos. For a full analysis check out our Samsung Renown review and take a gander at the Samsung Renown slideshow.