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Samsung releases three HDTVs disguised as monitors

Details on Samsung's three new computer displays with TV features

The line between HDTV's and computer displays is continually blurring. The latest case (or cases) in point are three new computer displays from Samsung.

In late July Samsung released three new computer displays that might as well be HDTV's. The 25.5" T260HD, the 24" T240HD and the 22" T220HD. All three displays have the same basic design with the only difference in appearance between them being their relative size. The T220HD does not have a screen swiveling mechanism built in, though this is included in the other two. All three models inherit Samsung's Touch of Color (TOC) design detail which we discuss in our review of the T220. While TOC suceeds in enhancing the aesthetics of each display, it's the ATSC/QAM tuner that makes these stand out. The tuner turns these three computer displays into full-fledged HDTV's. Able to receive over the air and cable HD signals.

Each display also include the following features:

  • 1920x1200 native resolution (the T220HD tops out at 1680x1050)
  • 2 HDMI ports (one in the back and one on the left side)
  • Component ports
  • DVI
  • VGA
  • Headphone jack
  • Optical digital audio out
  • Dolby Digital Surround speakers

The T260. The other two look just like it only smaller Samsung Electronics America Inc.

According to Samsung each display uses half the normal power of other dipslays by redeucing the number of backlight lamps and keeping them confined along the edges. Samsung says they compensate for the reduced backlights by focusing the light that is there and increasing the overall efficiency of the display. We at CNET Labs should probably start looking into power consumption testing for computer displays, since this issue is cropping up more and more. Hmmm, we'll get back to you on when that'll be...

All three displays are available now from e-tailers and will be in brick and mortars by the end of August.

The displays are currently available for the MSRP's of:

T220HD: $429
T240HD: $549
T260HD: $599

We'll have a review of the T240HD along with the Samsung 2443BW in the next few weeks so check back then to see which is the best 24" Samsung.

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