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Tech Industry

Samsung refreshes standard-definition F-series camcorders

Samsung grows its ultracompact megazoom low-res camcorder collection by three.


If you need a flash-memory-based standard-def camcorder with a long lens and a small body, Samsung has you covered. The company announced refreshes of its F34 camcorder: the SMX-F40, SMX-F43, and SMX-F44.

Specs include:
  • 1/6-inch 680K CCD
  • 720x480 resolution (60i)
  • 52x optical zoom
  • H.264 file format
  • Time-lapse recording
  • Auto scene recognition and face detection
  • 1,600x1,200-resolution photos

The only differences are in storage capacities. The F40 is SDHC card only, while the F43 and F44 have 8GB and 16GB of internal flash memory, respectively, and take SDHC cards.

No prices, but I would expect them to be south of $299. Availability is in February for the F40 and F44, with the F43 following in March.