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Samsung readying flexible Galaxy Note 3 Active -- report

The 5.7-inch smartphone is reportedly set to see a bendable and waterproof sibling in the coming weeks.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 be the first device to see a flexible display? James Martin/CNET

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could soon have a bendable cousin, according to the Asian Daily (translated).

Indeed, Samsung has long been rumored to introduce a smartphone with a flexible display, so the chatter isn't entirely off-base. And now that the Galaxy Note 3 is beginning to make it to carriers, it could provide Samsung with the opportunity to make such a phone a reality.

According to the report, as early as next month Samsung will produce a limited edition of the Galaxy Note 3 that features a bendable plastic display. The report also says that the screen on the Galaxy Note 3 Active, as the device may be called, will be waterproof, but not completely unbreakable.

As we learned during the run-up to the Galaxy Note 3's debut, Samsung may be testing multiple display sizes and hardware configurations for the Note 3. Features, however, are likely to be inconsistent between the two devices, just as they were between the Galaxy S4 family.

Fortunately for us we won't have to wait long to find out if there's fire behind this smoke.

(Via Android Community)