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Samsung readying 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab?

Company may have hinted at the launch of an 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab tablet on its Facebook profile yesterday, saying it will unveil "more surprises" soon.

Samsung Mobile

Samsung may be working on another Galaxy Tab.

The company updated its Samsung Mobile Facebook page yesterday announcing its plans to introduce "more surprises" at the company's Unpacked event on March 22. The announcement was accompanied by an image showing a tablet with text saying, "What's your Tab life?" More importantly, the image included "78910."

Although Samsung was tight-lipped about the number, it could very well insinuate that the company is adding an 8.9-inch device to its line of Galaxy Tabs. It currently sells a 7-inch model and unveiled a 10.1-inch model at Mobile World Congress last month.

Rumors of Samsung delivering an 8.9-inch tablet cropped up late last month. Samsung-tracking site Samsung Hub reported that the company would launch an 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab in March.

If Samsung does, in fact, launch an 8.9-inch tablet, it won't be alone. The LG Optimus Pad, which was unveiled at Mobile World Congress last month, features the same-size display.

Samsung did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.