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Samsung readies giant ad blitz

"Imagine" campaign, which hits 35 countries this week, will focus on mobile phones, flat-panel TVs and portable media players.

Get ready to see Samsung products wherever you turn. The company is preparing to reinvent itself through a series of advertising spots that focus on its consumer electronics devices.

The $200 million worldwide campaign, dubbed "Imagine," shows amusing vignettes of people using Samsung products such as mobile phones, flat-panel televisions and portable media players. In one spot, for example, a high-end television gets delivered to the wrong guy's home, and he enjoys a wave of popularity as a result of his new gadget.

The company said it wants to break out of its current image and target more sophisticated audiences who have "a strong appreciation for style and technology."

The initial $2 million branding blitz formally begins this week in 35 countries, with the majority of advertisements expected this summer. The first TV commercial was previewed in a handful of U.S. cities on June 3.

In addition to showing up on television, the ads will appear in print publications, on select Internet sites and on outdoor displays and billboards.

Not every Samsung product will be highlighted in every country, a representative of Samsung said. For example, U.S. commercials will initially be centered on Samsung's line of currently available LCD and plasma TVs. Samsung also makes GSM mobile phones, camcorders, monitors, printers and fax machines.

Not expected to make the commercials are Samsung's next-generation products, seen earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics show. These include the company's 40-inch display, 82-inch LCD flat-panel screen or monster-sized 102-inch plasma display.

Samsung's home appliances, such as its brand of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners, also are not expected to make the ads.

The new campaign was created by advertising firm Berlin Cameron/Red Cell. The "Imagine" TV spots include scenes shot in the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands and Croatia.