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Samsung Q35: Gorgeous little darling

Whacking great desktop replacements have their place, but there's nothing like a teeny-tiny baby 12-inch laptop to bring a smile to our faces

We just love baby laptops. Those small but perfectly formed miniature PCs can't fail to have us coochie-cooing like new parents at freshly birthed offspring. The latest to have us in a paternal frenzy is the 12.1-inch Samsung Q35, which looks like the lovechild of the enormous 19-inch Samsung M70.

Our healthy baby Q35 arrived via stork at 9.32 this morning weighing 1.9Kg. During its gestation period, Samsung said it would be the world's smallest dual-core laptop. That crown has since been snatched by the gorgeous, leather-clad, 11.1-inch Asus S6F, but like all good parents, we love them both, even if one is comparatively a bloater.

It uses an Intel Core Duo T2300 processor, 1.2GB of RAM, and bless it, has an 80GB hard drive and dual-layer DVD rewriter. Being so young, it hasn't developed the power of speech as yet, but it still manages to communicate using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, though only to other baby laptops -- we can't understand a word of it.

We'll take the £1,000 Q35 out for a spin in public in an attempt to impress the opposite sex with our parenting skills and come back with a full review shortly. -RR

Update: a full review of the Samsung Q35 is now live.