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Samsung Q2 on its way?

Samsung launches the latest generation of its ultramobile PC.

Samsung Q2

Engadget has posted details and photos of the rumored Samsung Q2, a follow-up to the Q1 ultramobile PC that launched last year. If the leaked details are accurate, the Q2 stands to outshine its attractive but poor-performing predecessor. The new model's 7-inch touch screen will feature a finer 1,024x600 native resolution and beefed-up components that include 1GB of RAM and a 60GB hard drive (all the better to run Windows Vista Home Premium). Borrowing an idea from the Sony VAIO UX, the Q2 will also have two digital cameras--1.3 megapixels for photography and a lower resolution for video conferencing.

Two other improvements look to resolve some of the Q1's biggest drawbacks. First, the Q2 has incorporated a QWERTY thumb keyboard along the sides of the device, letting you enter text without having to launch the awkward DialKeys onscreen keyboard. Second, the Q2 will reportedly offer HSDPAand WiBro connectivity in addition to 802.11b/g Wi-Fi.

Of course, battery life is the real deal breaker for UMPCs, and that information can't be conveyed in leaked photos. Considering the Q1's battery died out before it hit the three-hour mark, we'll hold judgment on the Q2 until we've had a chance to test it out ourselves. With the Q2 launch reportedly planned for CeBIT 2007, our wait might not be long.