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Samsung Q2 is actually Q1 Ultra

Word on the CeBIT streets is that the Samsung Q2 is actually going to be called the Samsung Q1 Ultra

The first pics of the Samsung 'Q2' had us whooping with delight -- only it's not actually called the Q2. Turns out Samsung has dubbed it the Q1 Ultra, which is odd because that means we'll have to refer to it as the Samsung Q1 Ultra ultra-mobile PC. Sod it, we'll just call it the 'Ultra ultra'.

We've yet to get our hands on one (the builders are still putting the finishing touches to Samsung's CeBIT stand for the official announcement at 9.30am on Wednesday), but rest assured we'll grab some quality time with the Ultra ultra soon.

What we do know is that it's slightly thinner than the old one and has a built-in Qwerty keyboard. It'll be sold in two models, one running Vista and one running XP, and it'll cost the same as the old Q1, which is around £799.

Watch this space for more as it unfolds. -RR