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Samsung puts new angle on picture taking

The CL80 and TL240 compact cameras from Samsung feature unique designs to help users take better self and group portraits and shoot more comfortably.


LAS VEGAS--Samsung's wisely been addressing improvements to the shooting experience through design. With the CL80 and TL240, for example, the bottom of the camera has a 7-degree tilt to it so that the camera angles up when placed on a flat surface. That little bit of an angle makes it much easier to get good self and group portraits.

Both models also have shutter buttons that are angled forward making it more comfortable and natural to hold and shoot.

Typical of Samsung's midrange and high-end point-and-shoots, these cameras are feature laden. Both cameras are 14 megapixels, have 7x optical zoom, optical image stabilization, 720p HD-quality movie capture at 30fps (H.264 format), built-in HDMI connectivity, and just about all the auto shooting features you could want. The TL240 has a 3.5-inch touch-panel display while the CL80 has a 3.7-inch AMOLED touch panel.

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The CL80 also has built-in Wi-Fi for direct uploads to sharing sites or sending to e-mail addresses;DLNA is supported; and Bluetooth 2.0 for wireless photo transfers to cell phones or other Bluetooth devices.

No prices were announced, but the CL80 is expected to ship in Spring, and the TL240 hits in February.