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Samsung puts a microphone in your ear

The Korean company is set to unveil at CeBit a microphone that takes advantage of the human head's resonating properties to pick up human speech at the ear.

Samsung is set to unveil an ear-based microphone at the CeBit trade show this week.

The device is the first earbud headset to contain both a transmitter and a microphone, according to Samsung. It picks up the sound of speaking directly via the user's head, filtering out some 90 percent of background noise.

The Korea-based electronics manufacturer plans to show the earbud headset at CeBit, one of the world's largest technology shows, set to begin Wednesday in Hannover, Germany. In promotional material released ahead of the show, Samsung said that "when we speak, our heads act as natural resonance chambers. That's why, for example, singers use earplugs--so they can hear their own voice better when on stage."

The earbud will be available later this year, in both a wired and a Bluetooth wireless version. The latter option could be well-suited to mobile phone users on the move, as it would allow them to conduct a call without having to hold either the handset or another microphone to their mouth.

Most wired hands-free headsets are made up of a transmitter that fits in the ear and a microphone that is built into the cord that connects to the phone. Bluetooth headsets tend to sit in the ear but have a microphone extension near the mouth.