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Samsung PNB450 series Quick Take

CNET did not review either of these plasma HDTVs, but we did review a somewhat similar model.

The Samsung PNB450 series of plasma HDTVs was introduced in the spring of 2009. It consists of the 42-inch PN42B450 and the 50-inch PN50B450.

CNET did not review either of these models, but we did review the Samsung PN50B650, which offers some features similar to the PNB450. The PNB450 is Samsung's entry-level plasma series and lacks some of the step-up features found on the PNB650 series. The step-down features of the PNB450 include a 720p native resolution, only three HDMI inputs, and it lacks both a USB port and networking capabilities. For more information, refer to the full review of the Samsung PNB650 series.