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Samsung pitches for WiBro wireless spec

Korean companies make a push for technology meant to beam TV shows to cell phones.

A new wireless standard for mobile entertainment called WiBro is getting a boost from Samsung Electronics.

WiBro is an emerging broadband technology intended to let people use wireless devices such as cell phones to watch several TV broadcasts and surf the Internet simultaneously. Korean companies including Samsung have been at the forefront of developing the specification, also known as Digital Multimedia Broadcasting.

Part of that development work includes making WiBro compatible with WiMax, another emerging wireless specification. WiMax is designed for use over a number of miles, rather than the much shorter distances associated with the more established Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards.

The Korean companies are also out to commercialize WiBro, according to Samsung. On Tuesday, Samsung announced that it had been elected to the board of directors of the WiMax Forum. Forum members also include Intel, Fujitsu and Alcatel.

WiBro signals travel at 700kbps, and vehicles moving as fast as 40mph have been shown to receive WiBro signals continuously.