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Samsung patent filings show eye on electric vehicles

Seems Samsung sees some big potential in electric vehicles, and a starting point could be patents for everything from engines to onboard electronics, and even tires.

Tesla Model S
The S here does not stand for Samsung. This is Tesla's Model S electric-powered sedan. Tesla

Samsung is at least thinking about the future of electric vehicles, according to recent patent filings unearthed by the Wall Street Journal.

The consumer electronics giant has filed for several patents in both the US and South Korea this year related to electric vehicles, in areas ranging from engines to onboard electronics, and even tires, the Journal has discovered. Although Samsung acknowledged that the patents have been filed, it told the Journal that it has no plans to actually deliver electric vehicles to the market.

Plans (and "no plans") do change, or course. Sometimes, companies file for patents that are never incorporated into products, while in other cases, those products are in fact delivered to customers. Certainly, if Samsung ever does decide to get into the auto parts business, it'll be handy to have some patents riding shotgun.

In one patent filing, Samsung indicated that it believes electric vehicles will present a grand opportunity for growth, which could entice it to enter the fray.

CNET has contacted Samsung for comment. We will update this story when we have more information.

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