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Samsung Papyrus: Budget ebook reader heads for UK

Rumour 'as it, the Samsung Papyrus ebook reader will be heading to the UK soon. It's a colourful and decently priced touchscreen model for all your ereading needs

While it may seem like it's all go in the wacky world of ebooks lately, almost all of the news has been entirely US-centric. Those of us on this side of the pond who can't wait for the ebook revolution will no doubt be giddy with glee at the news, reported by Pocket-lint, that the Samsung Papyrus ebook reader may make it here first.

The Papyrus was unveiled at CES 2009. It's an A5-size e-ink device, measuring 147 by 211mm. Crucially, that's all screen, baby -- unlike the Kindle, which has a keyboard.

Crave would rather have more screen real estate for actual, y'know, reading. So the Papyrus' touchscreen appeals to us, with an included aluminium stylus tapping into a memo pad, scheduler, calendar, world clock, calculator and contact list.

It's something of a no frills model, however: 512MB of internal memory but no SD card slot or Wi-Fi. On the upside, that's reflected in the price, with reports suggesting it will cost less than $300 (£210) when it hits Korea in June, and Blighty shortly after. That's about forty quid cheaper than the Kindle and seventy quid cheaper than Sony's Reader.