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Samsung: Our tablet is more everything than Apple's or Microsoft's

In new ads for the Galaxy Tab S, Samsung insists that its latest tablet is more playful, more colorful, more adaptable.

What is he really looking at? (No briefs joke) Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Ads are often like dating site profiles.

I live life to the fullest and breathe energy into everyone who meets me.

I'm a multitasker, who squeezes the maximum out of every single moment and sees the world in the most glorious of colors.

I'm not just looking for a hookup.

These, indeed, are the sentiments largely expressed by Samsung's latest ads for its Galaxy Tab S.

Samsung has already explained how its new tablet can save marriages. Now it's back with a barrage of ads expressing just about every positive side of its personality.

Here we have a judge who reviews his cases on his Tab. But his heart is where many judges' hearts (and wallets, these days) are: reality TV.

Please imagine the decisions he concocts as he's voting 10,000 times for a Lori Lovelace from Arkansas. This is multitasking at its finest. This, some might argue, is how the Supreme Court came to several of its judgments.

But then there's an artist. She exists only in living color. She sold her first painting at age 5 and a half. You can see she's an artist. She wears a silly hat.

She needs the Tab's astonishing, vibrant color palette. We can see this, as she daubs away with her finger. Oh, but no. She's actually playing a video game. You see, this Tab is all things to all artists. Even modern artists.

The message is simple, you see. With the iPad, there's no multitasking. And with the Surface, well, it's a Surface. They're all about productivity, right? Here you can just be your personal self and your business self, simultaneously.

No campaign would be complete without something to attract mom. This mom is an intellectual. You can tell because she has what seems like thousands of books on shelves. Why aren't they on her tablet?

Her needs are, of course, educational. She has four kids. But she's a mom. So she dreams of a man who is not her husband. The Tab S can provide.

You see how much like dating profiles ads are?