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Samsung offers more color variety for Galaxy S4

Samsung said at an event in London on Thursday that it will be offering the Galaxy S4 in five additional colors, and it announced three additional colors for the new sporty Galaxy S4 Active.

Samsung added five additional color options for the Galaxy S4 smartphone at the company's London event.

Consumers looking for a bit more variety in their life will soon have it when it comes to buying a new Samsung Galaxy S4.

During Samsung's big product event in London on Thursday, the company announced a bevy of new color options for flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the newly introduced Galaxy S4 Active.

Now the company is offering five color options in addition to the already available black and white: Blue Arctic, Purple Mirage, Red Aurora, Brown Autumn, and Pink Twilight. The company also announced additional colors for the Galaxy S4 Active phone, which is a water resistant and dust proof device Samsung announced at the event. This phone will come in gray, orange, and blue.

Samsung didn't elaborate on when or where these new colors will be offered. And it's likely that not all colors will be offered in all markets. That said, AT&T is currently offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Red Aurora shade. And Samsung said earlier that the blue shade would be available sometime this summer, with the brown and purple hues coming later this fall.

The new Galaxy S4 Active smartphone, which Samsung says is both water resistant and dust proof, will also come in a variety of colors. CNET Lynn La

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