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Samsung offers glimpse into the guts of the Gear 360 camera

Can't get enough of Samsung's Gear 360? The electronics giant is offering an inside look at the device now available only in South Korea and Singapore.

Samsung has provided more details about the new Gear 360 camera meant to give users an immersive video experience.


Samsung is offering a detailed glimpse inside its 360-degree camera, the Gear 360.

On Thursday, the South Korean consumer electronics maker detailed nine key components of the new twin-lens digital camera that looks like a ball and is meant to give users a more immersive, 360-degree experience. The spherical case is small enough to fit in your hand and rugged enough to take camping, while the 1,350 mAh lithium ion battery is powerful enough to record up to 140 minutes of video.

Samsung said the Gear 360 will also offer a variety of shooting modes, including a time-lapse option and a looping mode to create seamless action repeats.

The camera also includes several options for wireless connectivity, including Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, and near-field communication, as well as a USB port. They're all meant to make it easy to get videos and pictures to your smartphone and PC for sharing and editing.

The device went on sale April 29 in South Korea and Singapore. It's expected to be more widely available later this year. Samsung hasn't mentioned an official US price, but some online retailers suggest it could be about $400.

This article also appears in Spanish. Read: Samsung nos muestra su cámara Gear 360 por dentro