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'Coral Blue' Galaxy Note 7 is coming to the US on August 19, UK on September 2

Samsung's new Note comes in your choice of three colors, and one of them isn't boring silver or black.

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 will have you singing the blues, but not like you think. The cool "Coral Blue" shade comes to the US, along with Black Onyx and Silver Titanium. Gold Platinum is the one we won't get, but since gold is so common these days, I'd gladly give it the heave-ho in order to try something unique.

Cool blue is popular right now, Samsung's head Note 7 designer, Hong Yeo, told me. People gravitate toward the calm, tranquil tone.

The US will get access to the Note 7 in three colors (Coral Blue, Black Onyx, Silver Titanium) first, with pre-sale orders starting August 3 before officially hitting stores on August 19.

The UK release date is September 2 and pre-orders begin on August 16, but it'll only be available in Black Onyx and Coral Blue to start.

Here's everything we know about when you can get Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 and for how much.

The Note 7, which stands out for its S Pen stylus, also has rounded sides like the Galaxy S7 Edge, and introduces both iris scanning and a USB-C charging port to Samsung phones.

For a complete rundown of all the features, check out our hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.