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Samsung's crazy return kit for Galaxy Note 7 may scare you

How dangerous are the defective batteries in the Galaxy Note 7? It seems the return box is fireproof and can be shipped only by truck.

Do you still have a Note 7? If you haven't heard about its exploding batteries, read this -- then return or exchange the phone ASAP. If you're not concerned about your Note 7's battery catching fire, the return kit Samsung provides may change that. Watch the video above.

The website said it received a return kit from Samsung, and the precautions the company has you take are kind of intense. In a video posted to XDA's YouTube channel, Brandon Miniman shows off the Russian doll-like return kit complete with included gloves and a thermally insulated box.

"A lithium ion battery subject to a recall must be shipped in accordance with the US Department of Transportation regulations," said a Samsung spokesperson on Wednesday. "These special boxes are required by government regulations."

If you're returning the device and have chosen to mail it back, Samsung will send you a prepaid shipping package. Until then? Take it out of your jeans pocket, unless of course your jeans are thermally insulated and fireproof.

First published October 11, 12:38 p.m. PT.
Update, October 12 at 10:48 a.m. PT: Adds statement from Samsung about returning the Note 7 and the packaging it provides.