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Samsung Nexus Prime leaks, looks massive

Leaked shots have appeared of the Samsung Nexus Prime, expected to launch on Tuesday packing Ice Cream Sandwich.

The iPhone 4S is yesterday's news -- literally -- so let's look to Android for some rather more cheering fare. Here's the first leaked shot of the Samsung Nexus Prime, the perfect antidote if you were holding out hope for an iPhone 5.

GSMArena nabbed the shot, and while it shows only part of the handset, it does reveal some quite enticing tidbits.

First off, it looks massive, which would back up those rumours we've been hearing of a quite ludicrous 4.6-inch screen. (That's almost Samsung Galaxy Note territory.) But not only is the screen massive, it's also Super AMOLED, with a 720p resolution. The pixel density is given as 320dpi, and considering magazines are printed at 300dpi, that's pretty impressive.

(The actual screen resolution is said to be 1,184x720 pixels, but that's presumably just the active area of the screen, not counting the top status bar and three bottom soft buttons.)

The Nexus Prime is said to be the next flagship Android handset, the first to run the Ice Cream Sandwich version of its Android operating system, and as such, big things are expected.

One anonymous source has already billed it as "blazingly fast", it's been confirmed by a support page on the Samsung website, and it's heavily hinted to be coming this month with a Super AMOLED screen, so this latest info tallies with everything we already know. For more on Ice Cream Sandwich, check out our guide.

The handset is scheduled to be unveiled on Tuesday at Samsung Mobile Unpacked -- another Tuesday, another major phone announcement. Tis the season. Stay tuned to CNET UK and we'll bring you all the official news as it happens.

Image credit: GSMArena