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Samsung Movie Store: Does what it says on the tin, only more expensive

Hey Samsung phone owners! Yeah, you! Want to download movies to watch on your phone? Want to pay over the odds for the privilege? Then you're in luck, my friend

Samsung has launched a movie store. You go there and buy movies. It's called -- drum roll please -- the Samsung Movie Store. And the Samsung marketing department takes the rest of day off.

The Samsung Movie Store features movies and TV shows from studios including Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal and Momentum. It's powered by Acetrax.

Right now there are over 500 films to download, such as the peerless Dark Knight and the irreverent Iron Man, or the atrocious RocknRolla. There's a bunch of TV shows as well, including ER, if that's still on, Gossip Girl, whatever that is, and Friends. Seriously, if there's a human being on the planet who hasn't seen every single episode of Friends, Crave will buy them dinner*.

Apparently there'll also be exclusive 'first look' content, otherwise known as 'watching telly' to you and me. You'll be able to watch downloaded movies on the peerless AMOLED screen of the Tocco Ultra or the okay screen on the original Tocco. Or any Samsung phone that supports movies, if you happen to own one. Seriously, if you own a Samsung phone, tell us about it in the comments, because we're starting to think you're mythical.

Oh, and each 24-hour rental costs £2.49, or you can buy a film for £4.99. Seriously, just join LoveFilm and watch it on a screen where you can actually see what's happening.

*Disclaimer: We won't buy you dinner.