Samsung monitor grows a mutant sidekick

Second screen is grafted onto its side.

Tech Culture

There's something about Korean manufacturers that apparently makes them want to experiment with monitors as if they were lab rats. A company called Woojin, for example, saw fit to grow a small screen out of the top of a full-size LCD last year. Now Samsung, which also has already shown a penchant for Frankenstein projects, has grafted a second screen onto the side of one of its displays.

Why? No idea. Coolest-Gadgets speculates that artists and others might want to reserve all 22 inches of the Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX's main screen while leaving lesser functions to the 7-inch sidekick protruding from its right side. Depending on your needs, it's either a bargain or a waste for $550: Yes, you could easily buy two monitors for that price, but it's also a space saving double screen in one. Or, to be more accurate, maybe 1.3 screens.

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