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Samsung Messager Touch lands at Cricket

As Cricket looks to go national, it is introducing new rate plans and 15 new devices to its lineup, including the Samsung Messager Touch.

Cricket's Samsung Messager Touch has a full keyboard.
Cricket's Samsung Messager Touch has a full keyboard. Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless, the little carrier with big plans to go national, added yet another handset to its lineup Tuesday. The Samsung Messager Touch comes hot on the heels of the Android-powered Sanyo Zio, which had its formal introduction last week.

The Messager Touch isn't a smartphone, but it offers a slider design with a full keyboard, messaging and multimedia features, and decent call quality. We've reviewed the U.S. Cellular Messager Touch only, but Cricket's version of the handset shouldn't differ too sharply. Cricket will sell the phone for $159 for its no-contract service.

Earlier this month, Cricket has announced a host of new initiatives including unlimited data plans and additional devices. Along with the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the Zio, the Messager Touch is part of a group of 15 new handsets coming to the carrier.