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Samsung makes Spotify its 'go-to' music partner

Watch out, Apple Music.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung said Thursday that it's making Spotify its new "go-to" music service partner.

That means Spotify's app will integrate more tightly into Samsung's phones and smart TVs, as well as its Bixby voice assistant. Spotify will also be the only music service to be fully integrated into Samsung Music, the consumer electronics maker's music player.

At first blush, the partnership appears to benefit both Samsung and Spotify in significant ways. Spotify gets a central spot in more hardware, which should help it compete against Apple Music. Samsung, which lacks a leading music-streaming service, will be able to remedy that problem thanks to Spotify. Bringing Spotify, the most popular music-streaming service, to its new Galaxy Home smart speaker should also help with demand for the new device.

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Owners of Samsung devices will be able to link them to their Spotify accounts and quickly swap between those devices. So, if you're listening to music on your phone as you walk into your home, you'll be able to quickly switch over to your smart TV instead.

Financial details of the deal weren't disclosed.

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