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Samsung makes good on free 3D glasses promotion

Responding to customer complaints, Samsung has set up a web site allowing customers who purchased a qualifying TV get their two free pairs of 3D glasses.

A screen shot from the make-good web site. Note that the rechargeable glasses shown here (model SSG-3300GR, $129 list) are different from the free ones (model SSG-3100GB), which use disposable batteries. Samsung

Last month we blogged Samsung's announcement of the inclusion of a free pair of 3D glasses with 2011 Samsung 3D TVs purchased after April 24. Since then we have received numerous reports, via e-mail and in the comments section of the original article, from customers who bought a qualifying TV yet didn't get free glasses.

We passed a few of those reports along to Samsung's reps, who at the time told us they were unaware of the situation. On May 11 we were told that Samsung would be issuing a statement "shortly."

Today Samsung has set up a Web site to address those customers. If you didn't get your glasses, feel free to click through and claim them.

The promotion currently runs through June 25 (although the company mentions a succeeding promotion that, we're guessing, will include free 3D glasses as well) and requires purchase from an authorized retailer. Here's the full press release.