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Samsung makes appointment to talk about your health

South Korean electronics giant sends save-the-date invitations to media for a "new conversation around health."

Samsung wants to talk about your health. Samsung

The tech fight over your health is apparently just beginning to warm up.

Samsung sent out save-the-dates to the media on Thursday evening to a health-focused event to take place in San Francisco on May 28. Samsung's invitation reveals little about what the event will entail, other than that "a new conversation around health is about to begin."

But if the timing of the event appears suspect, it's because it falls mere days before rival Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, at which Apple is expected to unveil the rumored Healthbook app. Healthbook is reportedly able to monitor many of your vital stats, including heart rate, blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and blood sugar. It will also reportedly track your bloodwork, hydration, physical activity, nutrition, and sleep.

While other apps and devices offer some of these same features, Healthbook would combine them all in a single mobile interface. New iOS features are typically announced at the WWDC, which is slated to begin in San Francisco on June 2.

The market for wearable fitness trackers has been in flux lately, with sportswear company Nike confirming last week that it was ceasing development of its FuelBand tracker to shift its focus to software development.